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Internet and Web Technology

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Module –I (Lecture Hour 12)

The Internet and WWW
Understanding the WWW and the Internet, Emergence of Web, Web Servers, Web
Browsers, Protocols, Building Web Sites
Planning for designing Web pages, Model and structure for a Website, Developing Websites, Basic HTML using images links, Lists, Tables and Forms, Frames for designing a good interactive website

Module –II (Lecture Hour 12)

JAVA Script
Programming Fundamentals, Statements, Expressions, Operators, Popup Boxes, Control   Statements,   Try….   Catch   Statement,   Throw   Statement,   Objects   of Javascript: Date object, array object, Boolean object, math object
External Style Sheets, Internal Style Sheets, Inline Style, The class selector, div & span tag DOM HTML DOM, inner HTML, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), DHTML form, XML DOM

Module –III (Lecture Hour 11)

Introduction to CGI, Testing & Debugging Perl CGI Script, Using Scalar variables and operators in Perl
Java Applet
Introduction to Java, Writing Java Applets, Life cycle of applet